How to be a better communicator!

Wednesday 04 January, 2017

I know at times I may not communicate my messages to others in the best way and therefore I end up having conversations where, what is intended, is not the message that comes out. At times I find that language for a form of communication is very limiting. What is in my head cannot be adequately explained in words. Therefore today I wanted to share three outstanding tips on how you are able to improve your communication skills. Read more

Leadership style by design

Friday 30 December, 2016

What kind of a leader do you want to be? Read more

The 4 M’s for making headway business.

Friday 09 December, 2016

These are not new and they have been around for some time now. Rehashing these at times is good for every business owner from macro business to medium business owners, even perhaps big business as well. After having a conversation with a business associate recently it became aware that some business professionals are still unaware of these points. This prompted me to again hit the refresh button on them. Read more

Business: What a game!

Tuesday 01 November, 2016

Is this true? (Jack Stack certainly thinks so!) Read more

Developing Culture through beliefs.

Saturday 01 October, 2016

In the last blog post we discussed vision, mission and values to ensure you began designing the kind of culture you want to have in your organisation. Every step of this process is as important as the last. We will be required to ensure we have ongoing development in all areas, because things do change on a continuous basis. The only thing you can be certain about in this world is that it will constantly change. Just when you think you have it figured out, it will change again. Read more

Do you lack employee engagement?

Thursday 01 September, 2016

One of the biggest issues that I find SME businesses are facing today is that they lack employee engagement. So how to solve the problem and really get your employees treating the business as seriously as you do? In this article, I will begin to set a foundation for employee engagement, starting with simple but very effective ways of getting your employees more engaged in your business. Read more

Master your ability to communicate for effective results!

Wednesday 10 August, 2016

Communication is the key when it comes to being successful in life and in business. The better you become at mastering your communication the more productive your life and business will be. From dealing with your spouse or partner, or communicating with your children and friends. Also in the workplace from ordering stock to dealing with customers and instructing staff, your communication skills are always present. Read more